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SuperBright LED Head Light

Based on experienced demands for sufficient illumination during medical procedures as well as other delicate tasks Digitale Photographie GmbH developed the outstanding “videns SuperBright LED” head light.

Avoiding unwanted color wavelengths like blue and red, the “videns SuperBright LED” provides daylight with 5.500k color temperature.


The advantages of this new LED Technology:
  • perfect extreme bright illumination; homogeneous throughout the whole visual field of the loupes
  • high efficiency; 5.500k Color Temperature; no heat at the body surface of the LED head light
  • extreme long-life usage of both the LED and also the rechargeable battery
  • minimum 10 hrs. electronically controlled full illumination power

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videns™ SuperBright Features
  • 20‘000 lux / 5.500 k
  • extreme long life
  • Ø 2.1 mm HiFlex cable
  • extreme light weight, 12 gr. only
  • height adjustable
  • ··»Function:
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 10 h
  • electronic charging control
  • no heat at the LED
  • ··»Ergonomics:
  • perfect, bright illumination
  • homogeneous, red-free light
  • no shadows or color influences
  • ··»LED Head Light:
  • for videns loupes
  • Universal adaptor
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